Sunday, October 8

Lobotomy or creativity?

In her latest picture post Davina Garrido de Miguel takes her scalpel to Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive

It was brave of Stephen Fry to allow the nation to witness his depression and honest of him to admit he would rather keep the illness than bosh the pills. But surely if you are in real mental torture you would do anything to stop the pain.The really worrying part of the programme was the mother of two adolescent boys who in an almost pre-emptive strike decided to give her children an obscene amount of medication just in case they developed any more symptoms. She was a scary control freak and her kids looked lobotomised (they are depicted as two pill heads in my drawing).Fry doesn't have to justify his behaviour as he is well loved and talented and let's face it clowns are generally sad.

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