Thursday, September 28

Artistic Impressions

Davina Garrido de Miguel, the artist whose work at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, was the subject of a recent BBC documentary, has turned her brilliant artistic hand to television reviews.

Brett's dead baby Brett's dead

I loved Bodyshock: Kill Me to Cure Me. (Monday, Channel 49pm). The glee with which the doctors talked about how they ressurrected their dead patients was fascinating, and Dr Robert Spetzler had these large expressive hands that came out at you like Nosferatu. Of course this was supposed to be quite a serious programme about medical breakthroughs but the Hammer Horror element intrigued me and what exactly happens to your soul when it is clinically dead. The Nowegian woman who had been dead for six hours seemed pissed off with the whole ordeal and looked like she'd entered Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' . Poor American Brett Kehrer definitely deserved an encounter with 'the white light' but didn't get one . I have depicted him in my sketch as dead and also with his soul in the hands of Dr Spetzer. He sees a cartoon angel that beckons him to the light but it's just an operating lamp.

Hey Sama any chance of another 9/11 I gotta democratizationalise THE WORLD!

I was watching Film 2006 with Jonathon Ross (Monday, BBC2, 8pm). His review of Oliver Stones latest 'action' movie, World Trade Center, with Nicholas Cage seemed pretty tame considering the trailer for the film starts with 'this is a simple story of two men's struggle for survival'

THE HORROR. I won't be seeing this film and unless you are brain dead I don't imagine you will either. Why does the media think we need constant reminding about 9/11. It's indelibly etched on everyone's brain. HOW CAN WE FORGET? I am not interested in the path to 9/11 or the minute details of what happened on stairwell B, and think the media should be scrutinising what's been happening since 9/11 and why such an horrific event has been the breeding ground for even more atrocities and the death of many more thousands of people in the intervening years. It serves the cretinous Bush and his allies well to keep 9/11 fresh in our minds because he can therefore carry on using it as an excuse to 'democratisationalize' the world for ever more and get a little oil on the way. AMEN

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